Root Canal Treatment in Lyon County & Minneota, MN:

Root canals are performed when the nerve of a tooth has been affected by decay or tooth fracture. The actual root canal procedure is generally pain-free. We ensure your comfort by getting you completely numb prior to beginning the procedure. However, the infections that require root canal treatment can cause severe pain, which is why root canals are often associated with pain.

All teeth contain what’s referred to as “pulp” in the center of the tooth and extending down each root. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, and it can become infected with bacteria when a tooth is exposed to severe decay or cracks/fractures. Eventually, this bacteria can cause the tooth to abscess, which is what causes that dreaded tooth pain. Symptoms of a tooth infection also include swelling, hot/cold sensitivity, and pain to chewing. During a root canal, we remove the infected pulp and clean out the canals using special dental medicaments. We then seal up the canals and pulp chamber to prevent bacteria from entering the space. Usually, the procedure can be completed in one appointment, but occasionally due to complex tooth anatomy or a severe infection, it will be extended into 2 separate appointments in order to ensure complete removal of the infection.

After the root canal is completed, the tooth is usually left quite fragile due to the missing tooth structure from the decay and infection. To restore the tooth back to full function we place a crown.