Preventative Dentistry in Lyon County & Minneota, MN

Preventing oral disease before it can begin is the best way to maintain a healthy smile, and our team is committed to a minimally-invasive approach focused on prevention and oral health education.


Exams and Cleanings

Having regular exams help us diagnose and predict problems before they cause you pain. We use intraoral photography to clearly show and educate you on your oral health status. X-rays are another tool that allows us to diagnose cavities and infections that are not otherwise visible.

We utilize digital radiography at our clinic, which minimizes radiation exposure to our patients and therefore makes x-rays safer for you and your family. We also have a state-of-the-art 3-dimensional x-ray machine, AKA a CBCT machine, which allows us to see a highly accurate view of the dental arch and diagnose dental disease with much more accuracy.


Fluoride treatments

Fluoride is an extremely effective way to reduce your risk for developing dental cavities. In safe amounts it creates stronger, healthier teeth. During your exam we will determine if a fluoride treatment is recommended for you.


Dental Sealants:

sealants help prevent cavities in deep grooves that are often found on the chewing surfaces of molars.